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[Modules] Action Form 3.8 - The Easiest and Most Flexible Form Builder for DNN          

Struggling to Create Custom DNN Forms? Action Form is the most powerful yet easy to use custom form builder available for DNN. It's responsive too!   Read more

[Modules] Action Grid 3.0 - Touch Friendly And Responsive Grids For DNN Data-rich Applications          

Action Grid enables the integration of powerful tables from multiple sources into DNN projects, providing a simple, yet flexible means of displaying data in a tabular format.   Read more

[Modules] Address Book Module          

The Address Book Module allows Buyers, Purchasing Managers, Customer Service Reps, phone order takers, and any other person who frequently buys items to place orders on behalf of others.   Read more

[Modules] Advanced Search Module          

The Search module is a separate add-on module in SmithCart that can be placed in any pane on any page in your portal and allows the user to search and quickly locate products in your catalog.   Read more

[Modules] App Sharp 2.0 - Rapid Application Development Tools          

App Sharp enables the creation, deployment, and management of lightweight, personalized and powerful DNN enterprise apps. It gets you up and running fast, enabling you and your team to work smarter and focus on what really matters.   Read more

[Modules] BizModules - Ultra News Article 1.1          

Ultra News Article is a complete solution for text contents in DotNetNuke, you can it to publish blogs, travel notes, news, press releases, product release notes...   Read more

[Modules] Booking and Scheduling          

The Booking and Scheduling module handles bookings, scheduling and reservations and allows you to offer and manage all kinds of bookable products efficiently and easily in your store.   Read more

[Modules] Business Directory          

The Business Directory module provides an easy way to professionally publish a comprehensive, online business or organization directory in your Dotnetnuke portal.   Read more

[Modules] Cart Viper 3.4.0 - Ecommerce Store          

Advanced ecommerce module that turns your DNN portal into a fully functioning store. Accept online payments and start selling today. Take the 14 day free trial!   Read more

[Modules] Classified Pro 8.6 - eCommerce & Store & Auction & Classified Ads & Slideshow & Content Localization          

16 sub modules include which helps you to create an online store, auction site and publish classified ads. Sell everything like physical goods/digital files/portal roles/services. Content localization /Multiple sellers /Amazon S3/ Google Maps/ Custom fields/ Responsive layout support.   Read more

[Modules] Cloud Storage v1.0.2          

Cloud Storage is a DotNetNuke Folder Provider which seamlessly integrates Amazon S3, Windows Azure, and Windows UNC storage capabilities with DotNetNuke Core & 3rd Party Modules.   Read more

[Modules] Cross Article 8.2 - News & Blog & Media & Survey & Document & Slide show & Content Localization          

14 sub modules include that enables multi-user to publish news, articles, blogs and everything else, like real estate, cars, job listing, product catalogs, classified ads, documents, etc. Content localization & custom attributes & template & responsive layout support.   Read more

[Modules] Cross Bulk Mailer 6.2 - newsletter & email marketing & social & contacts, Amazon SES support          

An enterprise-level email processing module which helps you to send over 10,000,000 mails easily. Multiple SMTP servers and Amazon SES support. Import/export recipients from user roles/excel files. Email read and hyperlink click tracking. Opt-in/out, token replacement. Custom recipient attributes.   Read more

[Modules] Cross Photo Gallery 6.0 - Image & Flickr & Picasa & Media, Slideshow and Mobile          

14 sub modules include to enable multiple users to publish albums/photos. Automatic import Flickr/Picasa photos. Custom attributes support and template/responsive layout based. Display photos with Silverlight/Flash/JavaScript slideshow. Journal/Social/Google Maps/Amazon S3 support.   Read more

[Modules] Cross Video Gallery 6.8 - video & audio & YouTube & media & content localization, Html 5 & Mobile          

13 sub modules include and multiple users support. Automatic import YouTube videos and convert videos to .flv or h264 format. Html 5 & Flash player based to support iPhone/mobile. Template/Custom fields/Ad video/Google video sitemap/Responsive layout support. Amazon S3/Content localization support.   Read more

[Modules] DMX Add-on for Search Boost          

DMX Add-on allows Search Boost to properly index the content from DMX documents to include it in search results.   Read more

[Modules] DNN API Endpoint 1.2 - RESTful Easy-to-use APIs Builder For DNN          

DNN API Endpoint gives you a complete API platform for directly accessing DNN data securely and efficiently from outside your DNN portal (other websites, mobile apps, etc.).   Read more

[Modules] DNN Aweber Add-on For Action Form          

DNN Aweber Add-on allows you to automatically add subscribers from your DNN portal to your Aweber lists when someone fills out your Action Form powered form.   Read more

[Modules] DNN Constant Contact Add-on For Action Form          

DNN Constant Contact Add-on is an Action Form extension that adds contacts to your Constant Contact mailing list when they fill out beautiful forms made with Action Form.   Read more

[Modules] DNN Essentials Q3'15          

Its an essential module collection for every DNN site. It includes Live Content, Live Articles, Live Blog, Live Campaign, Live Dashboard, Live Tabs, Live Accordion, Live Gallery, Live HTML, Live Slider, Live Tooltip, Live Utilities, Live Wrapper, Live Images, Page Protection & Cloud Storage.   Read more

[Modules] DNN Excel Generator Add-on 1.0          

DNN Excel Generator Add-on allows you to automatically create Excel spreadsheets for easy management and third-party imports using data captured with DNN Sharp's modules   Read more

[Modules] DNN PDF Generator Add-on 2.0          

DNN PDF Generator Add-on allows you to create PDF documents from your DNN portal using data captured with DNN Sharp's modules.   Read more

[Modules] DNN Podio Add-on 1.1          

DNN Podio Add-on allows you to build a centralized collaborative work platform for managing projects, workflows, sales and teams by integrating your DNN portal with the powerful project management Podio platform   Read more

[Modules] DNNGallery V5.2 // 24 effects // 2D // 3D // Responsive // Banner slider          

DNN gallery module has following fuctionalities:24 effect in 1, 3D slider show, gallery, slider banner, Accordion, slide image, slide picture, slider photo, slider content. DNN gallery is an Animated Effect Collection module. slider effect. DNN Gallery SlideShow, 3D slider, Slider Banner, gallery   Read more

[Modules] DNNGalleryPro V3.0 / 22 effects / Responsive gallery / Banner slider / Image gallery / video gallery          

DNNGallerypro is an Animated Effect Collection module. It includes 22 gallery effects in total. With it, you can set image gallery, video gallery, and weather gallery very easily. It is responsive, and supports unlimited colors as well as various mobile devices.   Read more

[Modules] DNNGo xBlog V6.5 // 5 skins / 11 effects / blog / news / articles / slider / BlogML          

xBlog is a blog programm based on DNN, it has powerful functions and unique design style. In addition to blog article management function which common blog module has, includes special functions of theme managing. xBlog module has following fuctionalities:blog, news, articles, akismet,rss,slidershow   Read more

[Modules] DNNGo xNews 6.1 ( news, article, blog, 5 skins, 11 effects )          

DNN 5/6/7 Unlimited Colors CSS3 HTML5 Business Responsive Skin Pack, Desktop Ipad Mobile Responsive, Custom Panel, Photo Albums, Gallery, Social Page, GoMenu, Mobile Skins, Mobility, Mobile Blog, Power Forms, Page Template. Responsive layout, CSS3 Animations, Short Codes   Read more

[Modules] Dynamic Rotator 1.3 - Simple Content Presenter          

Dynamic Rotator .NET is a powerful tool which will help you create exactly the look and feel you've been searching for your website! You can use it in many different ways: a classic animated banner, products gallery, photo slideshow, complex ads rotator, etc. It takes minutes!   Read more

[Modules] Easy Container 2.0 - Container Builder with Responsive and Adaptive Options          

Easy Container let's site administrators quickly create containers on the fly using web based UI, significantly improving productivity. Each container can be customized for position, appearance, actions, visibility of modules across devices and so much more.   Read more

[Modules] EasyDNNgallery 7.4 (Image gallery, video gallery and audio gallery)          

A professional DNN image, video & audio gallery. Easy to use, yet rich in options. Over 20 types of various types of galleries, with hundreds of possible combinations. Excels as a web gallery while doing a great job as a community gallery as well.   Read more

[Modules] EasyDNNmailChimp 3.9.5 (newsletter and e-mail marketing)          

EasyDNNmailChimp is a module that allows integration of DNN website and popular service for sending newsletters and e-mail marketing MailChimp. Subscribe current DNN users to MailChimp list or use the web form for subscribing and unsubscribing. It has never been easier to send newsletter from DNN...   Read more

[Modules] EasyDNNmaps 1.7 (Google Maps for DNN)          

EasyDNNmaps is a module that enables simple adding of Google maps, adding markers, filtering by location (store location function) and detection of user location. Besides being used as a stand-alone module, EasyDNNmaps can work in the integration with our EasyDNNnews module.   Read more

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